At FactCheck, we adhere an ongoing process when you choose, analysis, compose, revise and, if required, most suitable our reviews.

At FactCheck, we adhere an ongoing process when you choose, analysis, compose, revise and, if required, most suitable our reviews.

At FactCheck, we adhere an ongoing process when you choose, analysis, compose, revise and, if required, most suitable our reviews.


Our very own content differ a little bit with regards to the selection circuit.

In all a very long time, most of us meticulously supervise the truthful consistency of what actually is mentioned by way of the ceo and leading administration representatives, including congressional and gathering leaders. But we all mainly target presidential candidates in presidential selection several years, additionally, on the very best Senate races in midterm elections. In off-election ages, the biggest focus your attention goes in the action in meeting.


When selecting product to create on the subject of, most people attempt to invest the same period of time evaluating boasts by Republicans and Democrats. We make this happen by reviewing reports they create in the same venues.

The resources put:

Sunday talk shows. All of us go over records of the Sunday chat reveals regarding the biggest companies and cable areas. (ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox Stories and CNN.)

TV set adverts. a paying provider produces you with television adverts for any of federal elections (president, Senate and home). Most of us test more if not completely with the TV set promotion inside presidential marketing, but reduce the review for other national events to the individuals which happen to be determined by nonpartisan supply as “competitive” – which, for example, were eight Senate races in 2014.

C-SPAN. During presidential election decades, most people assess C-SPAN video of strategy rallies and occasions on their marketing campaign webpage, if transcripts associated with happenings will not be offered. Most of us likewise watch C-SPAN during flooring discussions on biggest guidelines and commission hearings on biggest troubles.

Presidential remarks. We all analyze nearly all remarks provided by the president, including every address and news conference. The director’s remarks can be obtained in the light premises site, and they are sent to all of us within the White premises push office.

CQ Records and These services create you with transcripts of the audio of internet and cable ideas programs and/or additional activities, such as for instance speeches, commission hearings and press conferences. All of us examine transcripts like the remarks of key U.S. political figures, celebration market leaders, applicants and greatest administration officials several times a day. Most people additionally supervise reviews from significant governmental rates into the press, that direct united states to search for records or videos with the remarks.

Campaign and established website, press releases and other supplies. We all watch what politicians and individuals talk about on the web sites or even in social media articles, including on Facebook and Twitter and youtube.

Customers. Most of us respond to questions from customers in attributes we refer to as Enquire FactCheck and Ask SciCheck.

To acquire more information, plz determine all of our movie, “Selecting states evaluate.”


Most people systematically proceed through transcripts of the audio and movies finding assertions according to information and facts. Even as line up an announcement that we imagine perhaps imprecise or deceiving, we’ll engage – or make an effort to indulge – utilizing the guy or business which is being fact-checked. The duty is on a person or organization making the claim they possess the research to guide it.

In the event that promoting product indicates that statement is definitely accurate, we will shed they and progress to something. All of our quest will be decrease the amount of lies and dilemma in U.S. politics, therefore we focus on assertions that are fake or deceptive.

If your promoting substance doesn’t offer the maintain or if no verification happens to be supplied, after that we’ll carry out research of our own very own.

Most people depend upon primary sourced elements of help and advice. The methods feature: the collection of Congress for congressional testament; the property worker and Senate Secretary’s company for roll-call ballots; the agency of job report for jobs facts; the Securities and Exchange payment for company reports; the IRS for income tax info; the agency of industrial study for financial reports; and so the electricity Help and advice government for strength records – for starters.

We expect nonpartisan federal organizations for skills, analyses and reports, like the Congressional allowance company, the Joint panel on tax, the Government liability Office, the Congressional analysis services, the stores for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and the federal inspectors basic.

Most people likewise count on several reputable and reliable outside the house industry experts, such as the Kaiser Family support on medical care facts, the taxation approach Center for taxation information as well domestic seminar of State Legislatures. Most people furthermore interview pros on more subject areas when needed – by way of example, in investigating problem on foreign countries, we would call specialists on those countries. Any time quoting specialist, most people divulge pertinent biographical critical information, for example her preceding work with administration or promotions — if pertinent.

All of our objective is to apply excellent proof.


After a story is written, it is through many layers of editing and enhancing and assessment:

Range enhancing. a series editor program ratings the story for material. Try framework missing out on? Might authorship clear? Is the keyword alternatives accurate?

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